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General overview of the services offered by JKL Cleaning Solutions.

Contract Cleaning - Office Buildings
JKL Cleaning Solutions approaches all cleaning from
health and hygienic point of view. While ensuring clean
floors, carpets, common area and bathroom facilities,
our regular site visits focus not only on our appointed
scope of work but also potential threats.
Warehouse and Factory Cleaning - High Level
Through our close relationship with suppliers
our understanding of the materials and chemicals
combined with out commitment to staying abreast of
technology, which has given us the edge in attacking
the dirtiest of working environment.
Hygiene and Pest Control -
Through our Hygiene division we are able to offer you
the option of outright purchase or alternatively a
rental agreement.
Through our reciprocal agreements with various
reputable Service Providers we are able to offer you a
pest control services.
Refuse Removal -
In our effort to deliver an all-round service we also
provide for the removal of refuse and all general waist.
Supply of Cleaning Agents and Equipment -
In the event that our proposal does not cover certain cleaning agents or equipment we are able to supply the required equipment at competitive prices.
Supply of Toilet Paper -
In the event that our proposal does not cover toilet
paper we are able to supply different plies at
competitive prices.
JKL Cleaning Provides:

  • Superior cleaning service
  • New equipment will be supplied to your site, which will be repaired and maintained by a qualified service technician.
  • Management will ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act which will be strictly adhered to.
  • JKL Cleaning will manage the entire contract related to supervision and all industrial relations.
  • JKL Cleaning will be responsible for salaries, provident fund, U.I.F payments ect.
  • JKL Cleaning will provide the staff for absenteeism and staff on leave.
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